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Relationships/Healthy Boundaries/Healthy Communication/Social Anxiety

Regardless if your struggle is with a coworker or family member... we come to love, respect, honor, encourage, value, and define ourselves. It’s our job to do after all and no one else’s. And yet we ask:

How do I overcome the exhaustion and lack of fulfillment from feeling stuck in my unhealthy relationship dynamic? Fearful I'll be in the same place for years.  

How do I overcome the years of social anxiety, insecurities and overwhelm negatively affecting my confidence, happiness, and success? 

How do I overcome feeling emotionally drained by other people's energies and having it constantly disrupt my relationships and life? 

How do I achieve this without years of therapy, healing sessions, and hopelessly moving from one self-help book, podcast or video to the next? Where do I begin?

Call Verda and learn how to empower yourself with healthy relationship skills, boundaries, assertiveness, and speaking your truth with love so you can freely express your creative truth and manifest the healthy relationship you were born for!  

This is the goal of Healthy Relationship Coaching.

Have a look at my newly published book, "Living in the Solution - Discovering Your Authentic Self" available on

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Turn your relationship dynamic around by changing the way you respond to hooks, barbs, and boundary violations. No more do we have to bite at every hook that comes our way. Learn how to set effective, healthy, direct, honest, kind and firm boundaries.

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Our parents are some of our best teachers. They teach us table manners, how to tie our shoes, ride our first bike, and how to say "please" and "thank you." They also teach us how to conduct relationships by how they conduct theirs. They don’t know they are teaching us this, but they are and we are fast learners. The constructive lessons they teach us are keepers always. However, there are some destructive lessons we pick up that need to be identified and re-shaped.

Call Verda and learn how to empower yourself with healthy relationship skills, boundaries, assertiveness, and speaking your truth with love so you can freely express your creative truth and manifest the healthy relationship you were born for!  

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"Who am I really?" we may have asked ourselves as we struggle to discover who we authentically are in our relationships. So many times we've acted out our anger or disappointment within a relationship in unhealthy ways. Learn how to maintain authentic, healthy, honest, and happy relationships today while living true to yourself. Call Verda: 305-742-5714.

Check out my new book, "Living in the Solution - Discovering Your Authentic Self." 

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Call Verda, Relationship Coach


My rock bottom was the deep emotional pain I experienced with relationship issues.  I relied heavily on my partner for validation, love, affection, admiration etc. I felt like a failure and I was scared. 


I found this beautiful sage of a soul named Verda who encouraged me to be true to myself, and honest and kind with all others. Verda would point out all that life had to offer. She showed me what belonged to me and what didn’t. I was able to entrust my thoughts and actions with her and she would show me the way. As loving, open and sharing as she was,  she left it up to me. “This is for YOU. Show up for yourself because you’re worth it.”.  Verda believed in me during the moments I felt guilty for not showing up for myself.  She would give me that push that reminded me of the life I truly wanted for myself.  I know that I did the work but having this beautiful soul nudge me along the way was exactly what I needed.


Through working on myself and having this wonderful mentor, Verda, who contributed her wisdom, love and care I was able to remove myself out of that victim-martyr role and really appreciate the precious soul that I truly am. 


Verda is a lighthouse. A beacon of light to guide your ship at night. You come to it when you’re in those rough waters and it’s dark… when you feel like you have nothing to stop the storm. I am grateful for how much of Verda’s heart is in her coaching. All of it. I am honored and forever changed. Verda's words will always be inside my heart and mind.  I will always know how important it is to “show up for myself” because I learned how worth it I really am. Verda helped me remove the shame, guilt, and fears and gave me the tools. I appreciate you more than words can express. I thank you for your input of wisdom and your message of love.

~ Nately Jones



Verda is a beautiful soul that has empowered me to take courage, look within myself and build a serene, peaceful, happy and fulfilling life. The first step was finding someone I was able to trust and be 100% vulnerable with.  From day one, I saw and felt the impact of this work. 


Verda has the perfect combination of personal experience and a professional coaching background.  I love her natural ability to show love and compassion, while pointing out some hard needed truths.  She was the guide I needed to look at very old and self sabotaging habits, and changing those through effective tools and new patterns of thought and behavior. 


I encourage anyone who is dealing with personal and relationship pain to ask for help and avoid the struggle of figuring things out on your own.  This is your work and a life coach is there to make the journey enjoyable, effective and life changing.  I apply winning principles on a daily basis, in all aspects of my life, personal and professional.  I am forever grateful for her spirit, experience, patience and sense of humor.  



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