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Healthy relationships are one of the most difficult things we attempt to maintain and nourish in our entire lives. Why are they so difficult? Because we are dealing with emotions, physical passions and sometimes conflicting wants and needs. However, relationships are also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling areas of our lives, and yet, these skills aren't taught in school. Often healthy relationships are not modeled in our family of origin.  Quite often, past history, conflicting internal desires and poor basic communication skills stand in the way of achieving truly deep and intimate relationships. Working with a Healthy Relationship Coach can help bring the awareness to the particular areas in your communication style, relationship patterns, expectations, and stuck points. We all deserve love and belonging. This is the goal of Healthy Relationship Coaching.

Please call Verda at 305-742-5714 or Facebook message me to set up a phone call to work out the difficult relationship issues you are currently experiencing. Healthy relationship communication is a real life changer. My Facebook group name is Call Verda. Here's a link to it:

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Private Healthy Relationship Coaching

By Phone, Facebook Message, and

Ongoing Email Support

Unhealthy, angry, passive aggressive communication is what we learned in our family of origin.  Maybe it wasn't the healthiest communication style, but how to change it?  Call Verda to speak with a trained relationship and communication expert. Verda has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and has studied communication, effective listening, setting healthy boundaries, assertiveness, and problem resolution for over thirty years. This is the help you've always needed but didn't know where to find. Call Verda: 305-742-5714.

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